July 14th 2012 Pankration Tournament Murrieta, Ca

Pankration Tournament
1st Alliance MMA  
2nd Tapout LA    
3rd Fight Lab    

Kid's Pankration Beginner 6-7 Years Old 45 Lbs

1st Desean Floyd One on One
2nd Abigail Alvarez Alliance MMA

Kid's Pankration Beginner 6-7 Years Old 50 Lbs

1st Mason Bramlette Riverside Submission
2nd Morgan Barrios Chino Fight Club
3rd Alexis Matos Alliance MMA

Kid's Pankration Beginner 8-9 Years Old 55 Lbs

1st Kris Arrey Riverside Submission
2nd Christa Aquino Alliance MMA
3rd Jaylene Barraza Piranha

Kid's Pankration Beginner 7-8 Years Old 65 Lbs

1st Travis Duncan OC Kickboxing
2nd Kenny Sells One on One
3rd Jonathan Flores Alliance MMA

Kid's Pankration Beginner 6-7 Years Old 75 Lbs

1st Steve Jr. Caday Team Reign/OC Kickboxing
2nd Davian Monjaraz Alliance MMA

Kid's Pankration Beginner 9-10 Years Old 70 Lbs

1st Zeke Luis One on One
2nd Christian Amaraz Alliance MMA
3rd Gabriel Melo Fight Lab

Kid's Pankration Beginner 9-10 Years Old 80 Lbs

1st Zeke Ruiz 1 on 1
2nd Nahdia Barrientos Alliance MMA

Kid's Pankration Beginner 11-12 Years Old 95 Lbs 

1st Roberto Hernandez Alliance MMA
2nd Angel Barraza Piranha Fight Club
3rd Todd Schultz Blackhouse Team Nogueira

Kid's Pankration Beginner 9 Years Old 115 Lbs 

1st Michael Rooks 5 Star MMA

Kid's Pankration Beginner 11-12 Years Old 110 Lbs

1st Sean Pura  
2nd Michael Rooks 5 Star MMA
3rd Gerardao Amaraz Alliance MMA

Kid's Pankration Beginner 11-13 Years Old 130 Lbs

1st Domonic Esparza Alliance MMA
2nd Eric Castillon Alliance MMA
3rd Max Cordova Combined Martial Science

Teen's Pankration Beginner 16 Years Old 115 Lbs 

1st Cruz Jaime Alliance MMA
2nd Joseph Dominguez Kombat Sports

Teen's Pankration Beginner 14-16 Years Old 150 Lbs

1st Anthony Villa Kombat Sports
2nd Nick Sakhoury Millenia
3rd Adrian Martinez  

Teen's Pankration Beginner 16-17 Years Old 170 Lbs 

1st Kevin Valenzo Sityodtong LA
2nd Eric Lopez  
3rd Royce Muniz Team Finishem
Kid's Pankration Advanced 9-10 Years Old 70 Lbs 
1st Max Tait Gracie Barra San Clemente / Subfighter MMA
2nd Robert Perez Body Shop
3rd Adrian Ledezma Millenia

Kid's Pankration Advanced 10-12 Years Old 90 Lbs   

1st Justin Sarabia Reign
2nd Fernando Real CMS
3rd Levi Summerlin Gracie Humaita Temecula
Kid's Pankration Advanced 12-13 Years Old 100 Lbs   
2nd Rion Almeida 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Riverside
1st Max Lopez Reign

Teen's Pankration Advanced 13-15 Years Old 120 Lbs 

1st Seth Samuelson Fight Lab
2nd Andrew Howard Fight Academy
3rd Gabe Varnell Fight Lab

Teen's Pankration Advanced 15-16 Years Old 130 Lbs

1st Victor Ledezma Millenia
2nd Matt Green The Compound MMA
3rd Noah Varnell The Fight Lab

Teen's Pankration Advanced 14-17 Years Old 145 Lbs

1st Hernan Flores Pasadena Fight Club
2nd Jason Sarabia Reign

Teen's Pankration Advanced 15-17 Years Old 171+ Lbs

1st Chris Taco Lone Wolf Combat
2nd Mitch Mielke Gracie Humaita Temecula
3rd Carlo Rangel Alliance MMA

Women's Pankration Beginner 

1st Liliana Carillo Tapout LA
2nd Ysa Cottrell LA Boxing Carlsbad

Adult Pankration Beginner 135 Lbs   

1st Noah Varnell Fight Lab
2nd Michael Reyes Alliance MMA
3rd AJ Vazquez Pinnacle

Adult Pankration Beginner 145 Lbs   

1st Manuel Solis Alliance MMA
2nd Joseph Silva Pinnacle jiu jitsu
3rd Dustin Mingus Smooth Submissions

Adult Pankration Beginner 155 Lbs   

1st jerae Murphy  
2nd Martin Montes  
3rd Keith Bonilla Tapout LA

Adult Pankration Beginner 165 Lbs   

1st Bijan Kashani Next Generation
2nd Angel Cordova Tapout LA
3rd Russ Nagtalon Alliance MMA

Adult Pankration Beginner 175 Lbs 

1st Brandon Lane Tapout LA
2nd David Love  

Adult Pankration Beginner 185-195 Lbs   

1st Neil Penaflorida Gracie Humaita
2nd Gerardo Coronel Alliance MMA
3rd Frank Heldman Lone Wolf Combat

Adult Pankration Beginner 205+ Lbs   

1st Diaz Ozzy Tapout LA
2nd James Tipton Tapout LA
3rd Jad Asmar Fight Lab

Adult Pankration Advanced 145-155 Lbs   

1st Nate Nouwels  
2nd John Gurule Dojo Americana
3rd Daniel Ho AMMS

Adult Pankration Advanced 165-175 Lbs   

1st Tom Eaton Fight Club 29
2nd Arthur Powell Fight Club 29
3rd Layce Barmaki P5

Adult Pankration Advanced 185-195 Lbs 

1st Kyle Stewart Fight Club 29
2nd Edward Hyman Fight Lab
3rd Alec Christenberry Next Generation MMA